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Heavenly Prada Feathers

The lovely season takes flight and we don’t want to miss that plane called Prada, your fashion answer to intellectualized design and desire of artful-wear.

Yes, we all know Miuccia Prada’s fashion way was set on exploring femininity by studying the history of women. This time around her focus is on the ‘present moment’ and as we let it delight us we’re met with a wide spectrum of colors and textures voted to elegance.

This season Prada is about fluffiness, from envelope bags to necklines, coat and skirt hems. The extra-extravagance of the ostrich and marabou trimmings expresses pure allure, adding a special touch of sophistication and an absolute wow effect.

Like spectacular stopping moments, we can picture those feathers dancing in the wind while sashaying down the street, an unspoken sense of dignity and empowerment about them as well as a slight sting of Miuccia’s irony.

The totally tacit politics of seduction, now certain to infiltrate the wardrobes of all Prada fans, as the cinematic ambience that the collection so elegantly embodies, doubles as a megaphone for feminine empowerment. An almost nostalgic approach, for a never-aging cause.

Get ready to indulge in a collection with a glamorous phoenix feel, take a tour of TheDoubleF to choose your ‘It’ piece.

Prada outfit from the catwalk
Prada's feather trend
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