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Eveningwear 2019: the elegance of the Smoking Jacket

For him and for her: the smoking jacket. When the philosophy “less is more” comes down to an evening suit in the colors of the night

The are no strict rules regarding classic and more traditional men’s clothing, but the rules that do exist mean a suit or a smoking jacket will instantly add self-confidence to your look.

Among the evening suits for 2019, the smoking jacket also appears, resistant to time and the continuation of fashion trends. Let’s look at how to wear such an elegant jacket.

Men’s smoking jacket: a guide on how and when to wear it

The smoking jacket is not used often in Italy, in contrast it is an institutional piece of clothing in Hollywood, especially for grand occasions, from family events to the red carpet. It’s eveningwear of pure elegance, so it must never be worn before 18.00. It is suited to formal occasions, like weddings, the theatre or even private events that unfold after sunset.

Once the model and color has been chosen, white is popular for events “en plein air” and pink for 2019, the details shift: suspenders attached to belts are preferred, shoes must always be black (shiny or opaque), same with socks, high up to the knee. The last touch is made with the addition of a bow tie, which must be in silk.

The Rooster - smoking 2019

Women’s smoking jacket: classy becomes a powerful armor of sensuality

The beauties of Hollywood love it and it’s been shown off several times on the red carpet, leaving haute couture dresses in the wardrobe. Matching the smoking jacket with a white shirt or nothing underneath is a totally sexy uniform that has been dusted off many times by Angelina Jolie and Irina Shayk.

The feminine conquest of the tuxedo is not a recent occurrence: Marlene Dietrich was the first to wear it in a provocative way and therefore enhancing her androgynous aesthetic. The idea of wearing one without a blouse underneath came from Yves Saint Laurent, playing on the border of the “now you see it, now you don’t”.

For 2019, designers suggest the “broken-up” version, where the smoking jacket gives rigor to a long dress or a mini sequin number. A stylish solution that enables you to show off this classy piece at aperitivo hour, therefore adding an important quality to the woman’s wardrobe: the versatility of elegance.

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