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New Year’s Eve outfit 2020: animal print for him & her

Find out how to wear animal print for New Year party dressing

Goodbye to black. The outfit for New Year's Eve 2020 embraces vibrant animal print to make the style even more sexy. You must know how to wear the exotic motif; you need to pair it with intelligence and avoid style errors. The aim is to appear elegant and therefore abandon monotony. Some Hollywood stars know how to wear it well, like Jackie Kennedy, Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss or Yves Saint Laurent and even Shawn Mendes.

Leopard, zebra, spotted or python, these are the most important prints that will capture anyone's attention, apparently not suitable for those who are shy or who want a more sophisticated effect. It's true that it gives character to any look, enough to define animal print as one of the most versatile motifs that fashion can offer us.

The idea to wear the print on New Year's Eve comes from the desire to look chic, placing emphasis on an important item or accessory, the rest of the look revolves around that exotic-wild edge. Here's the secret to staying sophisticated while wearing animal print: it lies in the choice of accessories.

outfit capodanno 2020
outfit capodanno 2020

Animal print with rigor and elegance

The savage effect can (or must) be dampened by a neutral color palette: beige, camel, grey or black are the best matches, but should never be mixed all together. Once your preferred color is chosen, the rigor of the total-color look is then broken up by a single item of clothing in the so-called "fashion jungle" print. Best to avoid crystals, sequins or pearls when it comes to embellishments. The final effect must be "posh".

Daring animal print

The mix & match combo is best suited to a more eccentric soul, therefore try different looks only if you're already used to wearing animal print or other prints. The exotic becomes even more fascinating if you want to give a masculine touch, it is consequently perfect with noteworthy fabrics like herringbone and the Prince of Wale tweed. Here it is ready: the statement look.

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