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Interview with hat designer Ruslan Baginskiy

Once a stylist now one of the most loved milliners by international models. An interview with Ruslan Baginskiy

The hat is an accessory full or personality and has a great history, often imbued with modern, philosophical and political meanings. Elements that decontextualize it from its main use: to protect the heat from cold and sun. To this list we can add personal style: hats add character and can change someone's style instantly. An accessory that conveys us personally, even at our most glamorous or creative.

For Ruslan Baginskiy, everything started from a present, a gift he had given to one of his models when he was working as a stylist. To complete one of the looks for the photo shoot, Baginskiy handmade a hat and decided to give it to the model as a parting gift. An act of kindness that (maybe) brought him some luck, the hat then became the center of his world, his business and his creativity. The success was lightning fast.

Ruslan Baginskiy

How did your career in fashion start?

The brand Ruslan Baginskiy was founded in 2015. Before that I worked a lot as a stylist with Ukrainian designers and styled different fashion shoots. While working as a stylist I sometimes needed hats to create the final image I wanted, and that was the time when I started to make hats. At that point I had no idea how the brand would grow over the years. Now I create four collections a year, in 2019 we presented the first couture collection in Paris. Ruslan Baginskiy Hats are selling around the world.

Why, out of all the accessories, did you choose to dedicate a brand to only hats?

Before starting my own brand I worked a lot with Ukrainian designers and created hats for their fashion shows. I styled a lot of art shoots and I still remember how i created my first hat. It was decorated with feathers. I gifted it to the model after the shoot. The hat has always been one of my favorite accessories, it is a so unique. With just one hat, you can create an entire look. But a lot of new and interesting things are ahead for Ruslan Baginskiy and I'm planning to design and produce not only hats. I can't tell you all my secrets now but very soon many girls will be pleased with the next accessory from Ruslan Baginskiy. Stay tuned.

Ruslan Baginskiy
Ruslan Baginskiy

Once wearing hats was part of a strict dress code, today what is their significance?

Nowadays more and more people are returning hats to their wardrobe. And today its main significance is rather to express your own style. For me as a designer that is a perfect perception of this accessory. And let's not forget that in summer a hat is a must-have.

Do you have advice for our readers as to how to choose the right hat?

My main advice for everyone is actually not to be afraid to wear hats and experiment. I met so many people who thought that hats never fit them and they has never worn them before. Now they have a numerous RB hats in their wardrobe. I am very glad that they were opening to trying something new.

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