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the Rooster

In The Mood For Christmas

The countdown to Christmas and NYE is the most exciting time of the year, a perpetual month of joy, food comas, family time, sharing gifts, laughs and love.

A frenetic time, as we try to make sure that everything is set and ready as the holidays approach; making sure that to-do lists are ticked off and life is switched-ON.

Christmas and the New Year should be a period of reflection. Everyone needs a break, and this is the time to take one. It’s a chance to let go of the past and focus on all of the good ahead. A time to be grateful for what you’ve achieved and envisage what to improve on in the New Year. A time where you can say no to emails, detox from social media and say yes to family, friends and chocolate!

Along with responsibilities, my agenda for December is filled with trips to Winter Wonderland, choosing the perfect Christmas tree, browsing for gifts online, writing cards for my loved ones, binging on candy canes, afternoons spent drinking mulled wine, dressing up for work dinner parties and singing a few festive carols. Everything necessary to build up the Christmas spirit.

The most fun part of all of this is the dressing up. Whether it’s layering chunky knitwear with hats and gloves, to finding the perfect sequin dress, or having fun with textures, reds, greens, sparkles and gold, the holidays between December and January are the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style. And being ordinary is out of the question!

I’m planning to exaggerate with sparkles and colours for the festive season, whether I am heading to the office Christmas party, celebrating Christmas Eve at home or partying on New Year’s Eve. Going for an all-black will be a no-go.

Take inspiration from how I’ve styled a few party outfits below:

The Rooster - Giorgina Clavarino ChristmasTheDoubleF
The Rooster - Giorgina Clavarino Christmas TheDoubleF

If you want to give an edgier look to your outfit, wear a sequin dress matched with a pair of comfortable yet trendy cowboy boots.

If you are looking to be effortlessly chic but fun, but not too fun because your grandma might be offended that fashion won over traditionalism, go for a black dress. You can accessorise it with some lovely velvet flats or kitten heels and add pearl earrings and gold chains to finish the look.

Remember, if you are looking to buy something special for your loved ones always buy something they would never buy for themselves! Have a lovely Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year!

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