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Fashion color of 2020, blue clothing and accessories

Elegant in "Classic Blue", fashion's color of 2020 elected by Pantone

Like the sky of artists, the ocean in summer, the precious sapphire or like the paint made from the lapis lazuli powder. Classic Blue returns as the protagonist for fashion in 2020, thanks to the long awaited nomination: Pantone announced the color of the year and identified it with the code 19-4052.

colore moda blu pe 2020
colore moda blu pe 2020

We have already seen classic blue on different runways: it was omnipresent in Maria Grazia Chiuri collections for Christian Dior, it was part of the color palette at Giorgio Armani and accompanied the strongest shades of Alessandro Michele's outfits for Gucci. Perhaps, you could even say it is the antagonist of black? No, it is rather a viable alternative or a loyal companion. Let's remember that it was Yves Saint Laurent who broke the fashion rules of not pairing black with blue, by doing so this combination became a stylistic feature of his evening looks.

The Classic Blue we can define as a simple and versatile color that, however, gives a lot of satisfaction. According to Pantone it's "a color that establishes calm, safety, and connection. A durable shade of blue that underlines the desire for solid foundations". Suggestive but elegant, it's not ambitious (or pretentious) like the Living Coral. It’s within everyone's reach and can be considered an inclusive color.

colore moda blu pe 2020
colore moda blu pe 2020

It can be matched easily, it is therefore reassuring against all expectations: put forward in a digital, hectic and fast age. It’s a color that makes you think, and so bringing attention to "slowness", between happiness and serenity.

Not everything is simply a coincidence: does Pantone want to send us a message? The new decade begins with a color which refers to a specific lifestyle? Maybe. The mise en blue are free of redundancies, minimal and clean, creating a profound connection with ourselves and the real world around us. An element of certainty in our wardrobes, in an era of constant change.

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